HPP helps to significantly reduce food waste

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Reducing food waste with High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Food waste is a depressing subject.Particularly when you consider the statistics. Each Flemish consumer wastes on average between 15 and 23 kg of food annually. Extrapolated to households across Flanders, this amounts to a total waste of 90,000 to 142,000 tonnes of food, enough to feed 215,000 to 325,000 people. In fact 1.5% of this wasted food is discarded without even opening, because the use-by date has been exceeded.


How High Pressure Processing (HPP) can combat food waste

The good news is that the majority of the Flemish population is trying to reduce the amount of food being discarded. High Pressure Processing (HPP) can help achieve this ambition by considerably extending the shelf life of foods by three- and even tenfold.

shelf lifePractical example: HPP can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit juice by up to 3 months, without any loss of nutrients.


HPP for supermarkets

Supermarkets also remove a lot of food from the shelves because it has exceeded its use-by date.

HPP extends the shelf life, resulting in a reduction in food wastage.

If you, as a food producer and/or processor, would like to make a contribution in the fight against food waste, then HPP can offer you many advantages – also in other areas such as Clean Label and food safety.

Longer product life, new opportunities.

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