HPP as a solution to avoid the risk of Listeria

Benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP)

In High Pressure Processing, or HPP, packaged foods are subjected to extremely high pressure, which completely eliminates ‘spoilage bacteria’ such as listeria, salmonella and E. coli. This makes heating superfluous and consequently removes the risk of colour, aroma, texture and/or flavour changes. Moreover, it can be used with virtually any fresh, packaged food products – ranging from fruit juices and sauces to fish, ready meals, dairy produce and meat.


Many advantages

That in itself is a reason to opt for HPP. However, High Pressure Processing offers food producers and/or processors many more advantages:

  • No secondary contamination

Since HPP is only used with packaged (final packaging) products, there is no risk of secondary contamination. So it is quite literally 100% food safe.

  • Keep the cold chain in place
  • Ecological economic benefit

The HPP process minimises the risk of (expensive) recalls and only requires water and electricity to power the high pressure pumps.


  • Longer shelf life

Depending on the product type, the shelf life will be improved by a factor between three and ten. This opens up new outlet and export markets and helps fight the problem of food waste – a definite advantage considering that every year, one third of all food produced worldwide is wasted.


  • Clean Label

Because HPP extends a product’s shelf life, few or no other chemical preservatives and/or E-numbers are required, which means that HPP products qualify more readily for Clean Label certification.


  • Better nutritional value

Because HPP only applies pressure all vitamins and other nutrients are retained. Even better: the nutritional value of HPP treated products is identical to that of their fresh, untreated counterparts.


High Pressure Processing for your products?

Consequently, HPP offers many advantages. Furthermore, new exciting developments ensure that this treatment can also be applied to even more product groups. If you would you like to find out more, then please do not hesitate to contact the experts at HPP Services.


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