Clean Label feasible thanks to HPP treatment

Clean label

Clean Label and High Pressure Processing (HPP): a marriage made in heaven

Clean Label: if this label is displayed on the packaging, it indicates that the food in question does not contain any (chemical) additives. These so-called E-numbers (flavour enhancers, preservatives, antioxidants, colorants, etc.) are added to the product to optimise its flavour, texture or shelf life. You might think that as such there’s nothing wrong with this, seeing as 380 of these additives have been approved for use by the EU. However, not all scientists are equally convinced that these substances carry no health risks. Moreover, research has shown that consumers are increasingly influenced by synthetic and over-processing aspects when choosing not to use certain foods.


Clean Label: safety is paramount

In fact, it involves more than just safety. Because pasteurisation and sterilisation lead to a change in, or loss of, flavour, colour, texture and nutritional value. Preservatives such as benzoic acid E210, sodium and potassium sorbate E201 -E202 are added to certain fresh foods to counteract this, and then combined with pH regulators. Although this is not against the law, it can result in a different, often more acidic, taste. Furthermore, contact between certain preservatives and acids may have harmful effects. This is where HPP offers the perfect solution.

Preservative free foods

As this doubt still persists, Clean Label is, by definition, safer than products with additives. If, however, foods do not contain preservatives, a longer shelf life has to be guaranteed using a different method. And that is possible using the totally safe High Pressure Processing method, which does not have any negative impact on flavour, aroma or colour either.


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