HPP is effective at killing harmful bacteria and extending the shelf life of a wide range of protein products. Using HPP on cooked meats often removes the needs to use artificial preservatives to extend shelf life and keep pathogens from growing. High pressure is also a great application for raw protein, such as ground turkey and chicken breast. Manufacturers find value in offering fresh, ready-to-cook premium products to an increasingly discerning and quality-conscious customer.

HPP is an effective, heatless pasteurization method for a broad variety of meats.

  • Raw ham (type iberico, parma, …)
  • Sliced meat products (ham, chicken,…)
  • Marinated products
  • Sausage products of all varieties
  • Ready-to-eat meat products (meat balls, paté, …)

Plastic containers with induction/heat seals, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) and vacuumed plastic packaging all work well with the HPP process.

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